I’m the type of person who likes new things and challenges, so I seldom say no :)

Soňa Hegedušová
11. January 2022 | 5 min read

IT Consultant / IT Security Specialist

Our greatest expert in the field of IT security and at the same time an active tourist and an enthusiastic beekeeper. He even knew that he would end up in IT at primary school and gained his first experience at 486 DX2 ;-) Peter is a colleague, without whom Unique People would not even be Unique People. You can read about his journey to us and why he has been with us for almost 6 years in the following lines.

What was your IT journey?

My IT journey began in elementary school when I first became acquainted with computers. Later, as a little boy, I bought my first IT book, "Text602", which was a well-known text editor at the time. My first computer was a 486 DX2, and it can be said that my IT career began there: D After high school, I decided that I'll give IT a try and my next steps were to Bratislava, where I joined the Slovak University of Technology - Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology, where I learned a lot. From the beginning of my studies, I was very interested in computer networks, which was also the reason why I later chose the Computer Systems and Networks program. I have to admit that the beginnings were very difficult, but I really enjoyed learning and discovering new things, and that was driving me forward :)

How did you actually end up at UP?

I started working at UP in 2016. After a personal meeting with Janko Bodnár, I received an offer to help one of Unique People's clients, who had a branch abroad, in the field of IT security. Finally, after 2 years, there was a large transition of the company and the entire branch moved to Košice. It was a challenging but also very interesting project for me, where I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people.

" I like freedom and trust, I receive in UP!"

How do you like working at UP? What do you like best here?

" I like freedom and trust, I receive in UP. This means that if a person is independent and responsible and can manage his work tasks himself, then he has complete control over his work regime. Of course, a lot depends on the type of project assigned, but such a work regime suits me personally. I know what the expectations are, what the result of my work should be and it is up to me how I plan and arrange it so that the customer is satisfied. And of course, at UP I also like the people I work with. I think we are a great bunch of people here :)

What are you working on now?

I currently work for a large IT company as an external employee to support IT security. I am a member of the team responsible for computer network security. As the company carries out its business activities mainly in the banking sector, great emphasis is placed on IT security. We provide support for network security features, such as network firewalls, proxies, etc.

"I'm the type of person who likes new things and challenges, so I seldom say no :)"

What was the most interesting thing you worked on at UP?

I'm the type of person who likes new things and challenges, so I seldom say "no" :) This was also the case with one project for a foreign customer, where I was responsible for migrating to new technology. Despite the fact that I did not have much practical experience with the given technology, I was able to study the given technology, plan the migration and finally implement it, so the customer was extremely satisfied. I also remember a business trip to Toronto, where I was "on-site" at the customer's request to do a network security hardware replacement with subsequent re-configuration. These were some of the most challenging but also the most interesting projects for me.

Do you have an IT dream?

In the field of IT security, development is very fast and dreams are short-lived: D What I am learning today will usually be outdated in a year or two and it will be replaced by something new. Maybe that's why this industry is quite demanding, one has to constantly educate and follow IT trends. So I have no IT dream, I adapt to current trends and requirements.

What do you see in the future of IT?

I think the future is in IT automation. We are seeing more and more systems that can interact directly with the customer and, based on requirements, perform the tasks automatically without human intervention. I think that IT is moving in this direction and this is the future.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?

I consider it a highlight of my career that even after so many years, I still keep up with the times and keep learning new things: D.

"My family and girlfriend give me the most strength and inspiration."

Who or what inspires you?

Of course, there are many of these people, from various well-known IT personalities to colleagues with whom I work. However, my family and girlfriend give me the most strength and inspiration.

Tell us something interesting about yourself 😊 What are your hobbies, what do you do in your free time?

I am the type of person who is never bored and I always have very little time to do everything :) As far as hobbies are concerned, I am interested in all IT gadgets. Recently, I‘ve also been interested in IoT, Smart Home, Smart Devices, etc. I am also interested in history and I love nature very much. If time allows, I will always find a moment and spend some time hiking or staying in nature. I was still very close to nature and maybe that's why I've been actively involved in beekeeping for the last two years :)

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