My curiosity and desire to get to the bottom of things forced me not to be content with just formatting HTML/CSS templates
Eva Lazo
27. June 2023 | 5 min read

PHP Developer

Our colleague Adam loves to acquire new skills and to enhance his knowledge. He is not satisfied until he digs deep into problematics. His hunger for understanding the principles that go on behind the web pages enabled him to become a PHP developer. On the other hand, he highly recommends switching off from time to time. His favourite way of cleaning up his mind is cycling in the nature without signal. Following lines will provide you with more details of Adam´s life, so bear with us for a while.

What was your journey to IT like?

Already during high school, I worked as a digital media graphic designer. In addition to retouching photos or images for websites, I enjoyed designing the look of the websites themselves. My curiosity and desire to get to the bottom of things forced me not to be content with just formatting HTML/CSS templates. I wanted to explore more deeply the principle of what goes on behind the curtain, behind the web pages. Therefore, I decided to study computer science, where I finally encountered classic programming. Although I left college, I never stopped learning and I continued my studies. I signed up for courses and went back to school. More specifically, to security of information systems, which gave me the opportunity to intern in companies, e.g. T-Systems, where I later worked part-time.

What was your journey to Unique People like and when did you start working here?

I chose ProUP or, now it’s just Unique People, during my last studies (December 2020), which was more focused on networking than web development. But since I personally always preferred creating/designing/developing something, I decided to respond to the advertised PHP developer offer. I started at Unique People as a part-time employee, and they gave me the opportunity to learn the Laravel framework and the WordPress editorial system in close proximity to PHP, which I really liked. After school, I chose to stay here full time.

What do you like the most about Unique People?

I like our “family“ atmosphere and funny colleagues. I laugh almost every day because of them. In case I don’t know something, I can always count on my colleagues to help me out.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a larger long-term project (CRM+CMS), you could easily call it a multi-project, because I am working for a client who has several sites for his business. He always comes up with some new idea for a new site or some extension for his existing sites, which makes me happy every time. I'm not bored… Well, what can I tell you? :D (in a good way of course)

What is the most interesting thing you worked on here at Unique People?

The most interesting project is my current one, which I took over after some developers before me. Every now and then I get surprised by a fly in the ointment in the code, but on the other hand, that is what challenges me on this project. Each little fix takes me a bit further. This project uses multiple technologies, so it’s not always about the same thing. The main CRM is built on the Laravel framework, and in addition to its own database, is also connected via API with other services such as GoogleAnalytics, Staffino, or Cloudtalk, through which SMS notifications are sent. + In addition, CRM itself also provides communication for its subsidiary websites built on WordPress (CMS).

Do you have any IT related dreams?

Hmm, I don’t have such a set dream when it comes to projects. The only thing I dream of having is projects where I will have the opportunity to also work on myself at the same time and thus further expand my knowledge.
"Science fiction for us today is reality tomorrow."

How do you see the future of IT?

Science fiction for us today is reality tomorrow. I have to admit that I’m a little afraid of it, lest virtuality engulf us so much that we lose healthy contact with reality.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?

The fact that as a graphic artist, I eventually managed to get beyond the borders of the front-end, to my dream of back-end programming. That’s something I’m proud of.

Who or what inspires you?

Most probably curiosity for knowledge/discovery and desire to learn new things. And I can also be pleased with properly functioning results.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

My biggest passion is mountain biking. I love nature. For me, staying in nature is a detox and a kind of an escape from the hectic city life, when I can finally switch off somewhere deep in the forest, far from everything, reset my brain, be offline without a signal. Sometimes I get carried away by forest paths, start pedaling and then get lost. The fact that "all roads lead somewhere" doesn't help me either, because they don't… (Then, out of desperation, I listen to Marika Gombitová and Meky Žbirka - V slepých uličkách and turn back :D). Otherwise, I like the work of Slovak and Czech musical performers. Next, it is traveling and trips around Slovakia - museums, castles, chateaux, mansions, open-air museums, caves. And I like to play chess.
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