To my great surprise, I was successful, and I was able to embark on another big challenge at Unique People
Eva Lazo
7. March 2023 | 5 min read

Software Developer

Danka has more than 14 years of experience in programming, not only in backend but also in frontend technologies. In her last job she had to learn new technologies and be prepared to adapt to technology market. She did a lot of studies on her own whilst working on the running projects. She is experienced in development and maintenance of a system for tax offices. In the latest years, she is also responsible for mentoring of younger colleagues. It can be considered her passion from her university years, since she studied teaching of informatics and mathematics. It sounds exhausting, doesn´t it? Well, Danka handles even more. She is a mom of two lovely kids and in case she has some free time she reads or knits.

What was your journey to IT like?

I got into IT during my high school studies. I liked computer science lessons, so I decided to graduate in this subject and continue my studies. I applied to the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice for the teaching field in Mathematics and Informatics. After completing my studies, I tried teaching for less than two school years at the School of design in Bratislava. I felt that this job was not exactly what would fulfill me. That's why I tried to find a new job opportunity. After unsuccessful interviews in Bratislava, I decided to try my luck in Košice. I started working for a company that developed an application for the tax office. That is where the era of my programming started.

What was your journey to Unique People like? What year did you start working with us?

I started working for Unique People in December 2020. After the end of my second maternity leave, I was looking for a new job and, on the recommendation of a friend, I also sent a CV to Unique People. To my great surprise, I was successful, and I was able to embark on another big challenge.
"I have great colleagues here. I can count on them with any problems."

How do you like working at UP? What do you like here the best?

I like working at UP very much. I have great colleagues here. I can count on them with any problems.

What are you working on now?

Returning to the IT world after a maternity leave can take a while, since that world changes quite a bit in just three years. Therefore, when I started working, everything was new to me. I was employed in a position where the main task was the maintenance of an application developed for a German insurance company and intended to keep the medical records of a pregnant patient. It doesn’t require much programming, it's more about analyzing reported bugs and assessing solutions. Our team is not yet complete, so my responsibilities include "welcoming" new colleagues who work on projects for the German insurance company.

What was the most interesting thing you worked on at UP?

I have been working for Unique People only for a short time, so this application is still the top project of this period in my career😊. The big challenge for me was to study Angular front-end technology and Ionic mobile applications technology. I find back-end, in which the Java programming language is used and which I have already worked with in the past, the closest. Kubernetes was also a novelty for me.

What do you see in the IT future?

I'll probably let myself be surprised😊.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by my colleagues because together we can move forward much faster. 😊

Tell us something interesting about yourself 😊 What are your hobbies, what do you do in your free time?

Something interesting about me? There’s probably nothing that interesting. I'm the mother of two great children. Nine-year-old Paťo and four-year-old Zoe are my handfuls 😊. I devote almost all my free time to them. We like to draw, do sports and play board games. If I still find some time for myself, I love to read a good detective story or do some knitting.
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