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Postoj Crowfunding

Project description
Monetization and community management platform to keep quality journalism content open to everyone. Tool for portals where people want to monetize content without content blocking. Application user can create campaigns with 1 - 8 widgets which are visible on his portal. With external script on portal side which is communicating with application API, application user knows which campaign is successful, how much money campaign brings and how many visitors visited campaign. It includes basic CRM views with filters above the data. Application user can pair payments/donations to users, edit them, etc. Portal visitors can also pay directly in monetization widgets (via bank transfer, pay by square or card pay).
Technology & Used tools
Laravel 5.8, Angular 7.3, JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS,
- backend, Rest API and portal views are developed on Laravel 5.8. Angular was used for application frontend which is communicating with Laravel API (app part).
- pure JavaScript was used for scripts which are imported to portals. These are communicating with Laravel API (portal part).
Opensource application, easy to customize based on the customer. Application designed and developed in house.
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