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Project Duration
12 months
Technologies and Used Tools
Built on: .NET CORE, React, CI&CD controlled by Kubernetes
Used tools: Jira, Confluence
Application is available on Android Store and Google play
Application designed for young parents. It processes the child's life and health events, where the data is supported by data directly from the health insurance company. The application is created completely independent of the current systems, which ensures the functioning of the application even when other systems are unavailable.
Data are prepared according to the HL7 FHIR standard (rel. 3).
Additional functions
• communication between the doctor, specialists, and midwives
• ordering an appointment with a specific doctor/specialist
• request a telephone consultation (for a specific time)
• identification of risks during pregnancy and offered assistance in their elimination by means of recommendations
• evaluating the impact of risks and progression during pregnancy
• wiki for doctors, health professionals, and patients to understand what awaits them
• web outrage for the doctor, where he has access to statistics and dashboards with information (for example, the number of scheduled meetings with patients, test results), the ability to delegate responsibilities to subordinate staff, etc.
• postpartum care - help with breastfeeding, communication with a lactation consultant
• tracking module, which collects data about visitors to the application
• billing module for billing communication between the insurance company and the doctor
Building of whole frontend application from scratch
Application setup for CI&CD builds with Kubernetes
Using a custom UI framework
Analysis of problems and design of solutions creating a development process
Coordination of the development team
Analysis and integration of database and backend services
Developers View
We developed the application from the scratch. We had the opportunity to consult the design and architecture with the client even though it was set before. We worked in an agile team of 4 - 6 people and now we do the maintenance. The biggest challenge was the digitization of the paper form of the document and the connection to the individual modules and the portal. The development was standardized and we worked with the latest version of Angular and Java. The data will be used for further research, so we can help to improve the mother and child care.
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