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Project duration
February 2021 – June 2021 
PrestaShop 1.7, PHP 7.3, MySQL, Smarty template engine, SCSS
Website with e-shop focused on the sale of garden equipment, garden accessories, robotic lawnmowers and implementation of garden irrigation systems for one of the leading sellers in the region.

The main goal was to build a new website with an online store, which would replace the old website and non-functional e-shop. Modern graphic design and customer-friendly website design was implemented, as well as new e-shop functionality using modern technologies provided by PrestaShop solution.

E-shop is now connected warehouse management system (MRP) and payment gateway (provided by PayOut) is in place together with Google Analytics Prestashop module and Heureka module (price comparator).
During the first phase, we managed to deploy a new e-shop running on Prestashop platform in a very short time. Our client managed to triple his revenue in online segment only a few months after our deployment.

The solution is fully integrated into the client's existing ERP system and in the next stage, it will be expanded with a service portal, mobile application and new modern functionalities.

Connection to social networks like Facebook, Instagram and the creation of digital content (video production and copywriting) were also successful part of the first phase.
Developers view
Even before we started working on this project, we had a discussion about creating e-shops in Prestashop (Prestashop – open source e-commerce solution)
The source code is published undet the Open Software License (OSL).
The whole system is written in PHP and uses a MySQL dabatase.
Development of the e-shop took place on localhost and the most timeconsuming thing was creating the custom theme based on a grapfical template. The dev version of the theme was serverd by webpack, which took care of compiling SCSS into CSS, adding prefixes for all different kinds of browsers, editing and linking javascripts (js, jQuery, ...) into one file and many more useful processes. Design was split up into many smaller templates (Prestashop uses the Smarty template engine).
When standalone Prestashop wasn’t enough, we updated it with the required plugins that were either downloaded from the Prestashop community, bought or created by our programmers based on the needs and requirements of the e-shop.
Apart from localhost and production servers we also created a development server for testing. For source management and code deployment we used GitLab and it’s CI/CD feature. After finishing the main programming work we needed to import a large number of products, create a feed for different internet comparison sites (Heureka, ...) and implement Google analytics.
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