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Web applications

Century 21

Web applications

Online Registration to Insurance Company

Application designed for online registration of new health insurance policyholders. A user-friendly and intuitive application that helps speeds-up the registration process. Designed for both brokers and future policyholders. Integrated into the current health insurance ecosystem and connected to existing CRM systems.

Web applications

Parent’s Guide Application

A digital health card which contains records of the patient’s pregnancy, medical records, questionnaires for the assessment of risks, dates, a messaging module, a communication tool between the patient and the doctor, wiki, videos, articles, dashboards, push-ups, and access to digital medical records.

Open source

Postoj Crowfunding Toolbox

Monetization and community management platform to keep quality journalism content open to everyone. Tool for portals where people want to monetize content without content blocking. Application user can create campaigns with 1 - 8 widgets which are visible on his portal. With external script on the portal side which is communicating with application API, application user knows which campaign is successful, how much money campaign brings and how many visitors visited the campaign. It includes basic CRM views with filters above the data. Application user can pair payments/donations to users, edit them, etc. Portal visitors can also pay directly in monetization widgets (via bank transfer, pay by square or card payment).


Komplexný a responzívny online webový portál vyvinutý pre slovenskú pobočku nadnárodnej spoločnosti určený na podporu zákazníckeho servisu a predaja nekomoditných produktov. Zlepšuje komunikáciu so zákazníkmi a zhromažďuje údaje na základe zákazníckych preferencií.

Web sites

Website with e-shop focused on the sale of garden equipment, garden accessories, robotic lawnmowers and implementation of garden irrigation systems for one of the leading sellers in the region.
The main goal was to build a new website with an online store, which would replace the old website and non-functional e-shop. Modern graphic design and customer-friendly website design was implemented, as well as new e-shop functionality using modern technologies provided by PrestaShop solution.
E-shop is now connected warehouse management system (MRP) and payment gateway (provided by PayOut) is in place together with Google Analytics Prestashop module and Heureka module (price comparator).

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