Mapa Štúrova 50, 040 01 Košice


The primary goal of Unique People, s.r.o. is to help customers to achieve their goals by providing high-quality services. Our mission is to be always ready to help in the best way. The core values of the company are reliability, integrity, competence, compassion, independence, and finding ways to deliver the service of the highest quality. This goal can be achieved by the quality work of all employees of the company.

For this purpose, the company's management sets the following company policy:

  1. We are always ready to help our clients move their business forward.
  2. We don´t promise what we cannot keep. We do what we say.
  3. We are looking for ways to deliver the service, not excuses why it cannot be delivered.
  4. We have honest relationships with our business partners that are based on understanding, and trust. We adhere to business ethics.
  5. The quality of services depends above all on the quality of the staff who have full responsibility for the services provided.
  6. Collaborating organizations and service providers are also fully involved in the quality improvement process.
  7. We ensure the qualification and expertise of our employees.
  8. The quality management system is regularly reviewed in order to improve the provision of services to our customers.
  9. When choosing products and services, we place emphasis the quality and honestly monitor the prices of the distribution range.
  10. Following the quality policy, the company sets targets, which we evaluate every year.
  11. We will ensure compliance with regulatory requirements: We will strictly comply with all applicable laws and standards related to medical devices and products in the locations where we operate.
  12. We will develop and manufacture our products with the utmost attention to safety, quality and minimizing risks to patients, users and healthcare professionals.
  13. We will provide education and maintain awareness: We will invest in the education and training of our staff to enable them to work effectively within our quality management systems and to fully understand the importance of compliance.

In Košice, August 14th, 2023

Approved by: Ing. Marek Bečaver
managing director