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František Baník Jr.
Managing Director of BANIK and son s.r.o.
I cooperate with Unique people for several years now and on a monthly basis, they deliver web solutions, implement changes and fulfill our individual demands. Their main advantage is the speed in which they are able to do what we asked for and their advice so that their solution is sustainable for a long time. I recommend them to all my associates.
Cyril Legrix
Country Manager Romania & Slovakia of EPSA
We are glad that we chose Košice and particularly Unique People to launch our new branch. Our cooperation was flawless from the very beginning and we appreciate the effort and help with choosing the right candidates for our company.
Dickson Usuwa
Managing Director of Digit Solutions
Brilliant stuff!!!
Peter Lamačka
Managing Director of Empirica
Recently we have finished a very ambitious project together with Unique People. I have to say that UP specialists showed high professionality, drive, reliability and excellent attitude. For us, UP is a trusted partner that we can rely on.
Josef Stejskal
Managing Director & Co-founder of Big Hub
Unique People expertise and experience with modern technologies helps us more efficiently deploy and run big data solutions for our clients. The cooperation is smooth and professional.
Mgr. Peter Duch
Head of Performance Marketing
We consider Unique People to be a stable partner for quick adjustments or complex, tailor-made development solutions. Reliability and its professional approach, cooperativeness and willingness to implement even extraordinary requirements make it the choice number one for Manuvia.
Juraj Kušnír
Camera Editor
Thanks to the guys in UP for perfectly done work in network infrastructure and internal storage changes in our company. Great communication and even better work. They promptly responded to all my requests and were able to do so during running of the whole process and they changed the configurations. Thanks again!
Stanislav Mucha M.B.A.
Marketing Director
In a difficult situation, Unique People decided to give a helping hand to the most successful club in Slovak hockey history. All its representatives approached the cooperation professionally and humanly from day one. It is great to know that there are companies in Košice that, in addition to top services, also take a responsible approach to community support. The result of the work of people from Unique People is an office working on modern applications with the possibility of their further expansion. On behalf of HC Košice and its employees, I sincerely thank the entire Unique People team and look forward to meeting at the hockey match.
Mgr. Žanet Murga
Executive Manager at E-zahrada
We maintain a long-term cooperation with Unique People, and we are very satisfied with their work on developing and launching our e-shop, and blog. The communication between us runs smoothly, showing our good relationship.
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