Not a moment without music
Soňa Hegedušová
30. August 2022 | 5 min read

Junior Front-End Developer

Not a moment without music. This is how we would define Patrik Huba who found his way to IT in early childhood. During high school, he started working on websites, which strengthened his decision to focus on IT. He joined our company in 2019 and we are very happy that he is a part of our team. He is a Junior Front-End Developer and the projects he is working on challenge him to improve himself and move forward. After hard work, he likes to relax doing various sports activities.

How did you get to IT?

I started my journey as a boy who always enjoyed the smallest electronic toys which could be disassembled. However, the real adventure kicked off at high school where I chose the field of Information and network technologies on the best-rated school in Slovakia (SPŠE Prešov) where, in addition to CCNA knowledge, I acquired the basics of programming (Java, Arduino, MySQL, HTML, CSS). However, the biggest breakthrough occurred when choosing a topic for graduation, where I opted for creation of websites. Several classmates devoted themselves to the web throughout high school, and I always liked it very much because I could also use my creativity. I started to devote myself to creating websites, which culminated in a site for a fictional travel agency. I liked the IT sector and I decided to direct my further studies towards this goal. My next steps took me to the Technical University in Košice, the department of Programming, but my expectations were not met, so I decided to leave after a year.

How did you get to Unique People? When did you start working with us?

Just after dropping out of school, I didn't even have time to start looking for a job and by chance, I got to Unique People 😊. One day passed since dropping out when my current colleague and at the same time former classmate Peťo told me that he was supposed to go to Austria for a few days, but he was ill and looking for a replacement. I did not hesitate and the next day I sat on the Pražská ulica signing a contract with Unique People 😊. It was in October 2019 when as a Windows administrator I got to a project in Austria which, however, lasted only a few months due to the outbreak of a pandemic.

How do you like working at Unique People? What do you like here the most?

I sincerely like the work at Unique People. I appreciate all the knowledge and work experience that I was able to gain thanks to the company. The best thing about Unique People are the people who work here. I think we are a great team, whether it's developers, project managers, or the HR department. No matter what position they work in, everyone is helpful and tries to improve the company's name.
"The best thing about UP are the people who work here"

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a large external project to help develop a hospital system of a new generation. As a junior developer, I gain a huge amount of new information and knowledge every day. I get acquainted with new technologies, libraries and tools. The reactive language Angular (TypeScript, JavaScript) is used on the front-end side of the project, with great emphasis placed on automatic testing and working with Git.

What was the most interesting thing you worked on at Unique People?

The most interesting thing for me at the moment is the current project, which is also the biggest challenge I have ever had in Unique People. However, I can also mention other interesting projects that I have collaborated on, such as the administration of websites for an energy company in East Slovakia where I got acquainted with an interesting way of content deployment. I gained other important experience on sites built on CRM systems, especially on WordPress but also on the lesser-known SquareSpace system. There have been many projects in my short time in Unique People, but one of the biggest challenges includes working on a mobile application for children which was written in NativeScript which I had no experience with before. This was a challenge I eventually, with the help of great colleagues, completed 😊.

Do you have an IT dream? The technology you would like to work with, or any special project you would like to participate in?

I probably can't think of anything specific, but I would like to continue working on similar projects as the current one. A large team of developers where everyone has their role and together they create one amazing whole. I would also like to try working with other reactive languages such as React and Vue.

What do you see in the IT of the future?

Smart and autonomous solutions for even the simplest activities of everyday life, as people are unfortunately increasingly lazy and rely on modern technologies. This trend will certainly only increase in the future. In many industries, human labor will no longer be necessary. From this point of view I am very glad that I chose computer science, where one is irreplaceable in development and last but not least I see myself as part of the IT of the future😊.
"I consider working in UP to be the highlight of my career"

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?

My career, if you can call it that at all, has been very short so far and is only filled with things related to Unique People. I would probably say that I guess that I managed to get here at all is the highlight in itself 😊.

Who or what inspires you?

Everyone who has deservedly got far because of their hard work.

"Not a moment without music"

Tell us something interesting about yourself

Not a moment without music. I guess this is how I would define my relationship to music and my whole approach to life. Music is one of the most important things in my life, just like socializing with people. I don't like loneliness and silence 😊. The life of a programmer is very sedentary, which is why I am glad that I am an "athlete at heart". I have been involved in various sports since pre-school, especially football, but I am also active in tennis, squash, badminton, volleyball… During my two-month visit to Germany I fell in love with beach volleyball, as well as squash. I am actively involved in cycling and running, which, in my opinion, help a person to relax the most after a busy day and to clear their head 😊.

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