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IT Outsourcing
& Consulting

Our team of experienced architects is able to design the customers’ complete IT infrastructure architecture up to the database level based on the requirements and demands of the production application(s). Full support in operation and management of customers’ own IT, not just during normal business hours, but we can also provide 24/7 shift support or availability on-call (OLA and SLA).

IT Project

During the eleven years of our company’s development, our project managers have gained rich experience in managing multiple IT projects, beginning with small transitions, through transfers of complex services, up to large-scale migrations between Datacentres.


Thanks to many years of experience and variety of used technologies, our creative team of developers and analysts provides original, practical and effective solutions to our customers run by Agile methodology. We offer both front and backend and design of web sites, web applications, portals, e-commerce, mobile application and open-source.


In cooperation with our major customers and partners, we gained a lot of experience not only in IT services but also in supporting the area of "Human Resources" and Recruitment. We can offer our clients a complete design and implementation of the recruitment process, consultation, HR support, or recruitment process outsourcing.

Locations Setup

We can provide onsite support with Nearshoring setup in Slovakia. Helping hands with a business case, market evaluation, labor market check, recruitment support, and state aid. We can support our customers with the preparation of the premises (real estate) or their renting. We can communicate with local authorities, provide local marketing support and branding, negotiate with local vendors, suppliers, and service providers.
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