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Regardless of whether you’re a current ICT provider who needs a reliable team to share the workload; or just an organization looking to get all your ICT needs automatically taken care of – you can turn to us.

We can act as your cost-effective, trustable ICT advisers, in a country near you.

Here are some of the general ICT operations you can either completely, or partially outsource to us:

ICT Infrastructure Operations

We can manage some or all of your IT infrastructure and provide round-the-clock technical support. We offer many different solutions to your ICT infrastructure needs.

Here’s a short list of the infrastructure we can help you with:

  • Operating systems migration & management.
  • Simple & complex virtual machine management (Hyper-V, VMware, VMM Orchestrator & much more).
  • Server & storage assistance and management.
  • Datacenter check-ups, migrations, consolidations, upgrades, as well as general datacenter operation and maintenance.
  • Network planning, designing, building, monitoring & support.
  • Passive network building (fiber optic & copper Cat5e, Cat6 & Microwave radio in all bands).
  • Network devices: switches (from Cisco Catalyst 2900 series up to 6800 series), routers (Cisco ISR&ASR series), LAN/WAN design and more.
  • Security: dedicated network firewall team (Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortigate, Juniper & more). We also help with installation and support.
Collaboration Services

The backbone of any organization’s strong communication, is the support of high-quality, well-managed collaboration services.

We can help your business run like a smooth, well-oiled machine by providing you with reliable, easy-to-use collaboration services. Some of the services we offer include MS Exchange, Sharepoint, LYNC/Skype for business & Unified Communication.

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to get into contact with our support team to find which collaboration service is best suited for you.

Middleware & Database

Managing your data efficiently can become quite complex and time consuming if you’re working on large-scale ICT needs. To add to the difficulty of it all; managing your operating system’s middleware becomes a pain – especially when you’re counting on it to act as the glue that holds all your software together.

To keep things nice and simple, you can simply outsource your database & software needs to us. We cover all sorts of middleware & database needs – oracle, MsSQL, IIS, Apache – so you can stress less about keeping your ICT running smooth & without hiccups.

One aspect of your business growing is your projects becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage.

The additional depth of each project coupled with your limited number of employees, means you could find yourself being spread too thin over too many tasks. The best way to solve this problem is to outsource more complex, highly-technical projects and tasks, to someone who specializes in that area.

If you find yourself in need of a team of specialists that know exactly how to get out of each and every ICT-related issue you run into – you can easily outsource this to us.

We offer ICT specialist body leasing. This basically means you can ‘borrow’ one of our highly-specialized experts for temporary placement. We have a team of highly-trained professionals that can act like your personal team of trusted ICT advisers.

Some ICT issues can be resolved first-hand. Other issues – particularly highly-technical issues – often require the advice of an expert. If you run into any major problems or just need a hand to carry the weight of your projects; you can turn to our ICT consulting team.

Our team has a wide range of IT service management tools, processes and professional experts that can explain every ICT detail to you, every step of the way.

Using our ICT consulting, you’ll find our team to be like a steady hand that guides you through any pressing issues, questions or concerns you may have about your ICT.

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As the name of our company suggests, we are unique - owing to our attitude and corporate culture, that truly reflects our values. We have found our direction whilst shaping our corporate identity. It has been a long-term process that helped us realize our main approach: we are "CAN DO" - oriented, not cannot do.

We seek out people who share the same mindset - there is never a problem, there is only a solution. Our work philosophy is based on a holistic approach. We are all colleagues, we support and back up each other. As long as you have your work done, you are the master of your time - our team enjoys home offices, flexible work schedule, and reasonable autonomy.

Besides the local clients, our portfolio includes an impressive array of foreign clients as well. These projects give both Unique People and our team the opportunity to grow professionally and broaden our perspectives.

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