HR Services

In cooperation with our major customers and partners, we gained a lot of experience not only in IT services but also in supporting the area of 'Human Resources' and Recruitment.

We can offer you complete design and implementation of the recruitment process. Starting at the analysis of the current status, progressing to the design of the new process and finally its implementation (including software). Furthermore, we can provide additional consultation upon request. In case you do not want to deal with HR Services at all - or do not have the capacity to do so - we can offer the entire recruitment process outsourcing, including management, reporting, interviewing and everything else that might be required, e.g. communication, marketing, etc.

Moreover, we can also provide consultations in other HR areas such as personal data protection, education, education and development of employees and marketing communication.

  • Recruitment process design
  • Recruitment process implementation
  • HR consultation
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Marketing communication
Services included
HR Support for IT Companies
Consultation, HR process design, HR process implementation.
Hiring Support for IT Companies
Hiring process design and implementation, reporting, management of candidates, interviewing.
Headhunting and Recruitment for IT Companies
Seeking qualified IT specialists for senior position.
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