Great talent
can come
from anywhere

Perks and benefits

Holistic view

Sound mind, sound body! And vice versa. We recognize the significance of physical health in relation to one's work performance, which is why we offer various ways for our employees to incorporate physical exercise into their schedules. You can use a Multisport card or our company's e-bikes. Moreover, there is always a lot of fruit available to keep vitamin levels high.

  • Financial contribution to the 3rd pillar (based on your years with us)
  • Life insurance without providing the medical documentation
  • Multisport card
  • E-bike sharing + shared bicycle garage


Being unique is not just a fancy slogan. We genuinely believe in our employees and freelancers and offer them the flexibility to manage their work hours. With the support of our project managers, you can organize your work responsibilities and choose to work either from our modern office or from your home, or even a combination of both.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office
  • Brand new office in the city centre with shared parking spaces next to the office doors

Career growth

Career growth is crucial for employee satisfaction, especially in the IT field. At Unique People, we don't provide a predetermined list of training and certification opportunities. Instead, we encourage you to create your own training plan based on your career aspirations. Moreover, you have the freedom to study during working hours.

  • Conferences, tech talks, educational & networking events
  • Certifications
  • Study sources – Skillmea, Udemy, Pluralsight, Linux Academy
  • Language courses - German, English language
  • Individual approach
  • Possibility to choose a project
  • Personal self-fulfilment


At Unique People, we understand that work takes up a significant portion of the day. That’s why we want you to enjoy that time as much as possible. Good coffee and sweets brighten our days and help us renew our energy. We have also recently added a PlayStation with VR to our office space. It is a way for us to take a break from sedentary work and have some fun. As we aim to build an informal, friendly atmosphere, team-building activities are organized frequently.

  • Really good coffee
  • PlayStation and VR
  • Company events (team buildings, afterwork beer, company day, family day, Christmas party, New Year’s party...)