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Unique culture

Maťo:When we decided to build a company, we wanted to value its employees more than business or money. In the beginning we were friends and now it is more than that. We see ourselves as a family, which is rarely found in big international companies. We aspire to always have this kind of attitude.

These are the words of our colleague Martin who is in the company almost from the beginning. It can be difficult to define the culture of a company because each employee perceives it differently. Therefore, we have asked our employees to describe ours.

Together we are unique!

Trust and freedom

Peťo:If the employee is trustworthy, he is free to make for himself.

We are extremely responsible when it comes to choosing another member into our team. It’s very important for us to select candidates who can be trusted and can exercise the right amount of freedom.

Igor:I appreciate the opportunity to define my work environment so that I am comfortable, and I can work effectively.

We like such moments...

Our employees have the opportunity to make their own decisions in project realizations while using their creativity. They are autonomous in conducting their working time with the full support of the management. We are very supportive towards our employees and strive to make everyone feel that he is not alone.

You are not just a number

Lenka:I am not just a number for this company. This company helps and supports me not only in my professional career but in my personal life as well.

Each member of the company is a unique person, not just a number in our employees’ list. We care about their individual needs and ideas and seek to create an environment where people would like working.

Zuzka:When my child got sick and I had to stay at home for three weeks, no one judged or criticized me; everyone supported me and wished my child would get better soon.

We also share our knowledge and experience

Open and honest communication

Simona:The management of the company is very transparent!

One of the great strengths of this company is that we are very open when it comes to communication with our employees and the management. There is no fear to speak one’s mind or to present innovative ideas to managers or owners of the company. We communicate directly instead of beating about the bush.

Ivana:When I disagree with something, I am not afraid to speak my mind.

Unique stars

Creative environment, relaxed atmosphere, friendly relationships

Ľubka:Our company’s culture is defined primarily by relationships in and outside of work. We don’t just help each other during working hours; If you need something outside of work, there is always someone willing to reach out and help you.

Every company knows that in order to acquire qualified and loyal employees, you need to create a good work environment and maintain positive relationships within the company. But that is not a matter of course.

In X-mas mood

Tomáš:This is a very calm environment; I don’t have a problem to focus on my work.

You need unique people to do so. That is what we are. We help each other, we laugh in the hallway, respect the needs of others and – most importantly – avoid creating tense work environment.

Stano:I really love homemade cakes next to the coffeemaker.

We are all equal

We do not play the roles of big managers and subordinates. Since the formation of the company, we chose the path of holacracy and collective responsibility. That holds true both for the successes and failures of the company and for the whole business management.

It does not matter whether someone is a part timer, a project manager or a head of the company.

Maťo:When we need to reorganize our offices, patch new cables or rack new servers, our project managers and software engineers are happy to help us.

There is no difference whether you are trainee or project manager

We have created a space where we feel comfortable; even though it may not be the latest modern building in the city center (where it is impossible to park your car). We love the coziness of our building and the fact that we can expand our spaces and grow quickly. It also means that we take care of our office. When someone makes a mess, they clean it up. When the coffeemaker needs to be descaled, it is taken care of. When new furniture arrives, we build it together. And when a colleague comes to assemble a shelf in our kitchen, we sure hope that this is not the first time he has a drill in his hand.


Company values

Confidence in colleagues

We are not fans of micromanagement and strict rules. We trust each other to do the work in the best possible way. Being in the office all day is not a requirement.

We fight for our success ;-)

Individual approach

We realize that each person needs something different to be creative, motivated and content and we aim at approaching people individually.

"Need an IT consultant? No problem!"

Professionality, development, success

Success of the company is the success of employees. Therefore, we are very supportive when it comes to training our employees. We strive to create working conditions in which they can learn from each other and move forward professionally and personally.

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Dynamics, new challenges

Our employees do not have to switch jobs to do new, interesting things or to embrace latest technologies. In the company there is diversity of projects, which gives us both an opportunity to use our professional skills and creativity as well as a chance to surpass ourselves.

We always know the route ;-)

Work-life balance

We know life is not just about work and we want our employees to work only within working hours and have enough time for themselves, their family and friends. We encourage them to relax, spend time in nature, doing sports, hobbies, etc. We thoroughly adjusted our company’s benefits to match this philosophy.

Beautiful July morning made for new "office coffee" tasting
Together we are unique!
We like such moments...
We always know the route ;-)
Beautiful July morning made for new "office coffee" tasting
Good coffee makes my day!
Unique stars
"Need an IT consultant? No problem!"
Reindeer has landed :-)
In X-mas mood
Family day
We fight for our success ;-)
Unique visit in Košice
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