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Century 21

Project Duration
January 2020 - present
Technologies and Used Tools
WordPress, PHP, MySQL
Design, creation and implementation of graphics and a custom WordPress template. Creation of post-types based on the customer requests and their subsequent structuring via Advanced Custom Fields. Implementation of automatic updates via the client's internal API system. Integration of the City Performer solution.
A presentation portal, for the Slovak number one in the real estate market.
The application is Opensource and is easily customizable based on customer requirements. The user of the system has full access to the management of offices, brokers, and real estate. It has the ability to create site content and articles, so the portal is fully administrable by users.
The system obtains data from the customer's CRM system through an authorized API interface.
The WordPress information database (office, broker, and real estate) is updated at regular intervals. The system offers the possibility of filtering in the list of properties based on user settings.
Based on the requirements analysis, we have developed a completely new information system and web portal for a network of real estate agencies.
During the development and design, we took into account the global logo and design manuals of the parent company as well as the necessary links to global information systems. Our UX and UI designers designed the visual, which was transformed into a unique custom template for the WordPress platform. Deployment of the new platform significantly contributed to shortening the time for managing the offered real estate and simplified the work of individual real estate brokers.
Developers view
The page consists of the main page and individual subpages. We used a configured webpack to create HTML templates, which includes SCSS compilation into CSS, resource minification, autoprefixer and administration of used JS libraries. These templates were then incorporated into Wordpress.
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